Processing of metals and other materials

Production areas, equipped with modern equipment for water-jet, plasma and gas cutting. Equipment for rolling sheet metal, bending and punching of details.

High-quality production of parts and workpieces according to the drawings of the Customers, short terms and competitive prices.

PEMA HDS 4,2 x 4,0 Column and Boom
Welding installation for assembly and welding of cylindrical shell rings
under the layer of flux – 121 (SAW)

Welding source: Lincoln Electric AC/DC 1000 SD
Welding process – 121 (SAW)
Assembling and welding of black and stainless steels
Material min thickness – from 6 mm
Welded cylinder shell ring diameter:
– min 1200 mm
– max 4200 mm
Cylinder total length – 12 m
Bearing capacity of roll-supports – to 37,5 ton

Cutting machine STM Waterjet

– dimensions of working table 3000х6000 mm
– cutting working pressure 4500 bar
– cutting thickness, max 200 mm
– processed material: black and colored
metals, rubber, wood, plastic, paronite

Punch-press Amada Europe 245

– dimensions of blank, max 1500х3000 mm
– metal punching thickness, max 6 mm

Guillotine HACO HSL

– length of working surface (length of knives) 3000 mm
– material thickness, max 8 mm

Bending machine Trumph Truma Bend S400
– force on the machine, max 400 tn
– length of the working tool, max 5 m

Plasma and gas cutting machines ESAB SUPRAREX
– dimensions of working table 2500х12500 mm
– metal cutting thickness 2…200 mm

4-Roll Plate Bending Machine Roundo PAS-460

– roll width 2500 mm
– roll diameter 460 mm
– thickness of rolled plate 8…40 mm
– rolling radius, min 260 mm
– length of rolled plate, max 12000 mm

Profile bending machine Roundo R-6-S
– bending radius, min 230 mm
– bending of profiles:
• angle – to 130х130×15 mm
• U-profile – to UPN 300
• IPE profile – to IPE 300 and HEB160
• strip – to 40х250 mm
• round pipes – to D 168 mm
• rectangular pipes – to 120х120×8 mm